“Bridging Education and Business”

Our Vision

To become the first and foremost superior educational institution for the community with application of Spiritual, Integrity, Skills, Academic, Professional values.

Our Mission

Creating a professional educational environment with the pattern, “Link, Match and Applicable" achieve independent creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

About Us

NTU was established to create young entrepreneurship in developing every business opportunity available with a base of educational support and knowledge gained through a direct process between students and lecturers who provide directly in the business world. Students are expected to focus more on the learning process by doing during the lecture so that the education process does not directly have started - a preparatory effort for beginners (startup business) which will eventually be developed into a productive and professional business run by students at the completion of the lecture. This process is very much needed at the moment of globalization, where more professionals are needed who can produce business opportunities rather than job seekers. NTU Academy facilitated the formation of NTU ICC which is an incubator for the birth of young entrepreneurs who are just the results of the learning process at NTU Academy.

Greetings from Managing Director

For this time being we know that the world continues to evolve and change, and so will the people in it. Unfortunately many companies are busy upgrading their corporate systems and advanced technology but forget to upgrade the way of thinking of the people involved in it. The leaders are busy rearranging behaviors for performances to achieve, but only the surface without spurring the mindset and values rearrangement as a trigger for the performance itself. Likewise, there are still many individuals who want to change, but only limited behavior without being based on the structure of a way of thinking that supports. Finally, changes are only temporary, not sustainable.

NTU Academy dedicates itself to the quality of human development with a main focus on changing mindsets and values through Education, transformational coaching, consulting to mindset assessment. Every investment in the services we provide will not only benefit the company, but will also provide valuable internal values and motivation for each participant to move forward and develop towards success.

The existence of NTU Academy is characterized, competitive and beneficial to others, and will become Professional Education Institute in Medan which will be ready to educate student become Entrepreneur. Based on our love in the world of developing human resources and education in general, we start the step by doing something tangible and accountable, supported by practitioners and academics with good educational background and competent in their fields and experienced in providing consultation in various companies, NTU Academy exists as your partner in the world of human resource development.

Come and join us for better future!

late Laksamana Adiyaksa ,SH, MM,Mkn,CPS

Manusia buta hati tanpa agama dan hidup dalam kebodohan tanpa ilmu pengetahuan

    Dr. Ir. Martono Anggusti ,SH.,MM.,M Hum.